The 2008 Myspace Primary
Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates
Barack Obama 61663 Ron Paul 3718
Hillary Clinton 27981 Mitt Romney 2083
John Edwards 12256 Rudy Giuliani 1379
Dennis Kucinich 2627 Tom Tancredo 1158
Bill Richardson 1403 Sam Brownback 832
Joseph Biden 622 Mike Huckabee 629
Christopher Dodd 236

Friday, February 16, 2007

Team Obama hits the streets.

From the Latest Obama Blog Post
"From time to time, our team here will be hitting the streets to hear what you have to say about Barack Obama and this campaign. We feel that the best person to narrate this campaign is you.
Click Here for the first Installment"

This is the kind of video I would like to see on a weekly basis from the Candidates. Good Job Team Obama! Now if you could only get rid of that horrible brightcove video service and just play the videos off YouTube, Google Video, etc

New John McCain Website

The new John McCain launched today and here is what TechPresident had to say about it. Link

Here is what I thought:

The site seems to be a mix of and It has the lets talk now virtual townhall of Hillary with the MyBarackObama Myspace-ish site.

The site design is very clean, a bit to polished and the color scheme reminds me of the Mercedes website. I like that there are plenty of videos, but no way to share them. I might have missed it but I didnt see any code to paste any of the videos on a website.

As for the McCainSpace, it's too long of a process to sign up. I signed up an hour ago but still haven't recieved an email letting me know I can log on.

Overall it's not bad. It could be worse

Todays YouTube Videos

Iraq's Future and America's Interests

Gov. Romney on Iran

Hillary in New Hampshire

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Candidate Sites and how they rank on the Internet

Ranked via

Traffic Rank for 22,153
Traffic Rank for 24,217
Traffic Rank for 53,758
Traffic Rank for 198,447
Traffic Rank for 251,405
Traffic Rank for 257,732

How the Republicans Compare to each other

How the Democrats Compare to each other

To give you some context, here are a couple of top sites on the internet.
Traffic Rank for Yahoo 1
Traffic Rank for CNN 46

Web lets political become personal in Election 2.0

“While I can’t visit everyone’s living room,” says Hillary Clinton as she sits in her own, “I can try, and — with a little help from modern technology — I will be holding live online video chats.”

Thus began her attempt to spark an internet “conversation” with the American people that will feature no fewer than five such online chats in the coming days.

Mrs Clinton’s decision to launch her campaign for the presidency on the internet bypassed the mainstream media, which despite being denied any direct access to her over the weekend, nonetheless gave her wall-to-wall coverage.

Barack Obama, one of her rivals for the Democratic nomination, also chose to outline his presidential ambitions last week with a similar — if slightly stiff — video clip on his website. Their use of such technology allows the candidates to demonstrate an affinity with modernity while also allowing them to control their message in a way that a press conference or TV interview does not.

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Most Viewed "Rudy Giuliani" Video on YouTube

Views: 85,380
Comments: 137
Favorited: 149 times

This could be our next President.
Rudy In Drag

Which Social Network do you use the most?

Google Ad Words

I was surprised to find candidates using Google Adwords
Here's who's advertising

Tom Vilsack

Mitt Romney
Surprisingly I found Mitt Romney's Ad while searching for Rudy Giuliani, Sam Brownback & Mike Huckabee

Tom Tancredo

John McCain & Mitt Romney on the keyword GOP

These Candidates were found advertising on Yahoo Keyword Advertising.
Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney

Candidates seize Facebook to reach Internet generation

As the 2008 Presidential campaign is underway, major political players have chosen Facebook as a campaign battleground.

Presidential candidates, such as Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barak Obama and Mitt Romney, are seizing new political opportunities for social networking in Facebook's Internet community to "befriend" younger voters.

By simply searching some of these names on the Web site, members can "poke" Rudy Giuliani, read personal announcements from Barack Obama's "notes" or read up on Mitt Romney's favorite inspirational quotes.

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Social Networking Specific Content

I would really like to see the Candidates start creating content specifically for Myspace and Facebook. It seems like most of the content shared on these networks is just recycled press releases, or footage on YouTube from their last TV appearance.

Some Ideas
-30 second candidate web promos made specifically for Myspace/Facebook.
-A Myspace or Facebook Challenge like Create your own Candidate 2008 video/banner promo. Winner gets the video featured on the Candidate's Myspace/Facebook.
-Behind the Scenes blogging(Myspace/Facebook). It would focus not so much on the issues but more of a behind the scenes look at the campaign. A documentary of the campaign experience, or what it's like to work or be an intern on the Campaign. Etc.

Number of Americans getting political news online more than doubles

More Americans are getting their political news from the Internet. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which measures such things, the four years between the mid-term election in 2002 and the recent election in 2006 saw an explosion of interest in using the Internet as a primary source of political news. During that time period, the percentage of Americans who used the Internet as their main source of election coverage more than doubled from 7 percent to 15 percent.

The increase in Internet usage did not necessarily harm traditional television and print outlets, however. Pew's survey of 1,750 Americans found that the percentages of those who still used print and TV as sources held steady, at 34 percent and 69 percent, respectively. Those worried that the rise of the Internet would automatically spell the doom of traditional news channels can breathe a (small) sigh of relief at the news.

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BlogSpot introduces presidential election 2.0

ORLANDO, FL—BlogSpot Brands has launched what it calls "presidential election 2.0 where it encourages anyone to become a political journalist at

The company says that just as Time magazine named “You” the person of the year, it is naming “You” the political reporter for this blog. It promises: “no paid bloggers, no internal agenda, just an open forum.”

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Myspace Roundup 2.15.2006

John Edwards seems to be shrinking losing 8 friends on Myspace from Wed (11,350) to Thur (11,342)
Hillary and Obama still the biggest gainers.

Biggest gainer was definetly Rudy Giuliani jumping over John McCain into second place with a gain of 149 friends.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Candidates with Podcasts


Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
John Edwards
Tom Vilsack
Dennis Kucinich
Bill Richardson

Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney

Blogging Their Way to the White House

When Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president of the United States last Saturday, he exploited a vital tool that fellow Illinoisan Abraham Lincoln could not have dreamed of using over a century earlier. In addition to the cheering crowds attending Obama’s speech in Springfield, Illinois, thousands were able to watch a video feed of the first-term senator’s announcement on his website,

“Presidential candidates are taking advantage of the fact that more and more people are using the Internet to find their political campaign information,” said Matt Tatham, a spokesperson for Hitwise, which monitors website traffic and provides meas-urement data reports for online businesses.

Sen. Obama is not the only politician trying to appeal to an increasingly technologically savvy electorate; using the Internet to snag votes is quickly becoming the modus operandi for anyone vying for the nation’s highest office.

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The Internet Now Center Stage for U.S. Presidential Campaigns

Just a decade and a half after its public debut, the Internet has become an essential medium for American politics. Campaigning on the burgeoning computer network took a major step forward in 2004, with former Vermont Governor Howard Dean's online bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Now, a crowded field of candidates in the 2008 presidential campaign is relying heavily on the Internet to connect with the nation's voters.

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton's long-anticipated entry into the 2008 Presidential campaign came not at a news conference or political rally, but in a brief, well-crafted video streamed to the nation and the world over the Internet.

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Presidential battle to be waged via Web 2.0

Hoping to tap into the growing popularity of Web 2.0 applications like blogs and popular social networking sites like MySpace and YouTube, several of the candidates are gravitating toward such technology to garner support and raise money. At the same time, campaigns acknowledge that such efforts are not without substantial risk.

Therefore, observers note, these efforts aren't likely to result in the type of strong Web 2.0 applications that Web-savvy users have become accustomed to. For example, most campaigns aren't expected to fully open their blogs for the quick, public postings available to readers of many other popular sites today. Observers note that political campaigns must tread carefully, noting the firestorm of criticism aimed at Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards last week because of comments about religion made by two of his campaign's bloggers.

Most campaigns are struggling with "how do you leverage Web 2.0 and true communities online while maintaining some control over your candidate," said Julie Barko Germany, deputy director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet at George Washington University in Washington. "[Campaigns] want to be able to influence how people perceive their candidate."

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The Ups and Downs of YouTube

The Positive
YouTube is a great resource for campaigns to promote their videos, vlogging, tv interviews and for supporters to share their thoughts and creativity.

Here is a video posted by an Obama Supporter
Barack Obama interview on 60 Minutes Pt. 1

Part 2 can be found here

The Negative
YouTube is also an opportunity for someone to share their hateful discriminatory ideas.

Here is a video posted by this YouTube user XXSHAX22
His video description "barrack obama is a terrorist do not vote for him no muslims in us office"

Sam Brownback declares his candidacy but how does he rank online?

Online Connectivity Report Card

Website -

-No RSS Feeds to the News
-Only 2 Videos (which load slowly)
-No Links Section
-No Media Pictures

-Easy to Navigate
-Easy to Contribute Money
-Easy to Join the Mailing List

Social Networks
Only 704 friends and the Brownback Myspace profile doesnt show up properly on my browser.

2,613 friends and currently very active. Run by the Students for Sam Brownback Organization. The Brownback campaign should just hire the to promote, recruit & organize the College Students.

No Friendster
No Hi5
No Livejournal
No Tagworld
No Bebo

Overall his online presence is pretty weak. If he is serious about running for President he is going to have to revamp his internet strategy.

John Edwards Unofficially Enters Second Life

ONNURI - As of Saturday, John Edwards’s campaign to become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America has been underway for six days. In Second Life, anyway. Mark Warner was the first politician to make use of SL as a campaign stop, but Edwards is the first to launch a full-fledged presence inworld.

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Mitt Romney was busy today on YouTube

Posted Today

Gov. Romney Announcement Speech Part 1

Gov. Romney Announcement Speech Part 2

Gov. Romney on the Today Show

Governor Romney On Hugo Chavez

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Myspace vs USA Today/Gallup

USA Today/Gallup

Feb 9-11GallupMyspace
Rudy Giuliani571215
John McCain391302
Mitt Romney5217
Hillary Clinton4022230
Barack Obama2139527
John Edwards1311349

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