The 2008 Myspace Primary
Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates
Barack Obama 61663 Ron Paul 3718
Hillary Clinton 27981 Mitt Romney 2083
John Edwards 12256 Rudy Giuliani 1379
Dennis Kucinich 2627 Tom Tancredo 1158
Bill Richardson 1403 Sam Brownback 832
Joseph Biden 622 Mike Huckabee 629
Christopher Dodd 236

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Social Networking Specific Content

I would really like to see the Candidates start creating content specifically for Myspace and Facebook. It seems like most of the content shared on these networks is just recycled press releases, or footage on YouTube from their last TV appearance.

Some Ideas
-30 second candidate web promos made specifically for Myspace/Facebook.
-A Myspace or Facebook Challenge like Create your own Candidate 2008 video/banner promo. Winner gets the video featured on the Candidate's Myspace/Facebook.
-Behind the Scenes blogging(Myspace/Facebook). It would focus not so much on the issues but more of a behind the scenes look at the campaign. A documentary of the campaign experience, or what it's like to work or be an intern on the Campaign. Etc.

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