The 2008 Myspace Primary
Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates
Barack Obama 61663 Ron Paul 3718
Hillary Clinton 27981 Mitt Romney 2083
John Edwards 12256 Rudy Giuliani 1379
Dennis Kucinich 2627 Tom Tancredo 1158
Bill Richardson 1403 Sam Brownback 832
Joseph Biden 622 Mike Huckabee 629
Christopher Dodd 236

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ron Paul on the North American Union

McCain's Iowa Townhall Video

Highlight video of Senator John McCain's townhalls in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport Iowa.

Giuliani Campaign uploads first YouTube Video

Rudy Giuliani Speaks To South Carolina First Responders

John McCain in Seattle

John McCain discussing inclusiveness of the Republican Party, and on getting youth more involved.

Obama Flickr Photos from Austin

More can be found at the Obama Flickr Account

Obama: Darling of Facebook

Late on the day that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., announced he was forming a presidential exploratory committee, Farouk Olu Aregbe logged on to, the popular online community where college students post profiles, share photos and blog. On a whim he created a group called “One Million Strong for Barack.”

“I remember thinking, there’s got to be more supporters out there,” said Farouk, 26, who advises student government at the University at Missouri at Columbia.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Hillary posts her first blog

It's now just over a month that I have been in to win.

It's been exciting and challenging and fun all at the same time. The people I have met have been terrific.

And we decided day one that this campaign would live as much on the web as in the living rooms - and the opening of the blog is just another in the many web firsts in this campaign, following the unprecedented announcement and three straight nights of live video chats.

I believe that the web is not only creating new forms of political dialogue but offering a new wave of opportunity for all Americans - and one of my highest priorities will be to make us number one again in the world in broadband. If we are not at the forefront of the web as a nation, we simply will not be able to keep up our role as the world's leading innovator. Net Neutrality is something that I am also fighting for now in the Senate so that the web remains open and democratic.

I appreciate the hundreds of thousands of you who are participating on this site in one form or another. This is truly the dialogue decade, and through the miracle of technology I can talk WITH you, not just at you. I will be holding more web chats soon, and I have started a "HillCast," a regular web broadcast that will be about some of the most important issues I am tackling. The first one was on my plan to end the war in Iraq and the next one will be on the energy crisis we are facing. I believe campaigns are about ideas - and how together we turn those ideas into action.

I have been reading through the comments you all have been making - many of them encouraging, some critical and some with great suggestions - all of them are appreciated. We have gotten off to an exceptional start, and in the coming months I look forward to talking with you more about my specific plans to restore what I call the promise of America, and I will look forward to your comments. Hopefully I will also see you out there on the campaign trail.

YouTube Roundup 2.23.07

From JohnMcCaindotcom
Government Reform

From NCDem
John Edwards at AFSCME Forum: Opening Statements (1 of 2)

John Edwards at AFSCME Forum: Opening Statements (2 of 2)

John Edwards recieves mail from Second Life

The John Edwards blog has posted mail they have received on Second Life.
"Hi John,

Just a note from a US-expat across the Atlantic wishing you the best of luck in the primaries and then whooping ass. You're the best Dem by far.

Welcome to Second Life, Senator Edwards. Just a quick note of support! - Cullen Bryant
Hi John,

Good luck in 2008! I have some useful tools I'd like to donate to your campaign, if your liasons are interested.

I am also working on an RSS reader that looks much the same, so you could pipe your blog into SecondLife, much like Reuters does.

Congratulations on your new headquarters in Second Life! I hope this will be another place where you will lead the way in making use of emerging technologies not just to spread the word about your campaign, but also to engage the community in meaningful conversation. I sincerely hope you will be present in Second Life to address the audience here, and I am happy to work with your campaign in SL and in real life!
I have passed on several ideas to Jose Rote and look forward to helping you make it to the White House!
Redaktisto Noble"

More at the Edwards Blog

Looks Like Vilsack Is Out

I don't understand why he is dropping out so soon. I wonder where is supporters will go. Will this be a victory for Edwards, Obama or Clinton.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Multimedia Recap of John Edwards news

From the Edwards Blog

John's YouTube page John Edwards has a page on YouTube where he regularly adds new videos.
John Edwards at AFSCME forum: opening statements Part 1 of 2. John Edwards speaks at AFSCME forum in Carson City, Nevada, February 21, 2007
John Edwards at AFSCME forum Part 2 of 2. John Edwards answers questions from George Stephanopoulos and gives his closing remarks at AFSCME forum in Carson City, Nevada, February 21, 2007
Bill Maher interviews John Edwards on 2/16/07. As Bill Maher points out "that is a lot of straight talk from a politician." This is a very entertaining interview.
Video from Martin Luther King Day at Riverside Church John Edwards gave the annual "Realizing the Dream" sermon at Riverside Church in Harlem, NYC in January 2007.
John Edwards speech to the DNC winter meeting (excerpts)
DNC winter meeting, full speech John Edwards speaks to the DNC winter meeting candidates forum.
John Edwards on The Daily Show, part 1 John talks about his new book with host Jon Stewart.
John Edwards on The Daily Show, part 2 Edwards is put on the "seat of heat."
One Corps National Day of Energy Action The Edwards family helps another family winterize their house and John and Elizabeth speak to a conference call of One Corps captains.
Tomorrow Begins Today John Edwards makes his presidential announcement from New Orleans, December 28, 2006.
Des Moines town hall, part 1 John Edwards gives his first town hall after his presidential announcement. He discusses One Corps and the meaning of "Tomorrow begins today."
Des Moines town hall, part 2 Edwards discusses the war in Iraq, poverty, global warming, alternative energy, universal health care, and America's responsibility to the rest of the world.
Des Moines town hall, part 3 Edwards discusses plans for lifting people out of poverty, making college more accessible,
Portsmouth NH town hall, part 1
Portsmouth NH town hall, part 2
Edwards in 2004 and 2007
The New York Times compares the Edwards campaign in 2004 and his new campaign in 2007.
Edwards discusses his health care plan at a town hall in Dubuque, Iowa in February, 2007.
John and Elizabeth Edwards on Hardball (clip)
Edwards discusses universal health care Charleston, SC
Four questions for John Edwards Bloggers interview John and Elizabeth Edwards.
AFL-CIO Paul Wellstone Awards Banquet John Edwards is a guest at this union banquet.
John Edwards responds to SOTU on Scarborough John Edwards responds to the 2007 State of the Union address on Scarborough.

Diane Rehm show on NPR Edwards is interviewed by Diane Rehm. The interview includes a lot of foreign policy information.
Talk of the Nation on NPR Edwards is interviewed on Talk of the Nation. He discusses his health care policy in detail.
At Iowa Event, Edwards urges "Health Care for All"
Edwards on CNN's Situation Room February 16, 2007
Diane Rehm show
Talk of the Nation
KGO Radio February 16, 2007

Speeches page on
DNC Winter Meeting speech text
Paul Krugman: Edwards Gets It Right
My Trip to Uganda with IRC by John Edwards
Headlines page on

Candidate YouTube Videos from 2.21.07

What Obama Mania in LA looks like

Jon Huntsman Sr. on Gov. Romney

Obama Flickr Update

Podcast Updates

The MittCast has a new Podcast - Link

From the Joe Biden Blog

From Erin Medlicott Feb. 21: Senator Biden is on the campaign trail, and participated in a special Podcast interview prior to attending an AFSCME-sponsored 2008 Democratic Candidate Forum in Carson City, Nevada today — the first presidential forum of the campaign season.

The interview was conducted by Jake Tapper of ABC News, for “ABC Shuffle.”

For the Podcast link, please click here."

Bill Clinton launched massive online grassroots campaign to raise 1 Million Dollars

With newsletter email this morning from Bill Clinton the "One Week One Million" Fundraiser Challenged kicked off.

From the Bill Clinton Message
"Hillary's campaign is off to a great start. And this week, we're going to help take it to another level. Our goal: to demonstrate the range and breadth of Hillary's support by raising one million dollars in grassroots donations in a week's time.

Will you help me get our "One Week, One Million" campaign off to a powerful start? "

If this internet campaign is successful it will show the immense online power and presence that the Hillary campaign can wield.

Performics’ Survey Reveals the Increased Role of the Internet in the 2008 Presidential Election

Survey Finds that 42 Percent of Americans Say the Internet Will Play an Important Role in Deciding Who They Will Vote for in Next Presidential Election

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Forty-two percent of Americans expect they will seek out more information from the Internet in 2008 than they did in the 2004 presidential election, according to survey results announced today by Performics, the performance-based marketing division of DoubleClick.

Performics survey reveals much about the publics perception and use of the Internet as a channel for gathering information related to politics and the 2008 presidential election. While the survey confirmed that television news and talk shows, local and national newspapers, and news radio are the primary means for political information, campaigns and candidates, 42 percent of Americans say the Internet will play an important role in helping them decide who to vote for in the 2008 presidential election.

As the 2008 presidential candidates hit the campaign trail, we were curious to find out how Americans plan to learn about their choices for our next president. We suspected that as the public continues to rely on the Internet as an important information source, people will seek political information via search engines in a manner similar to the way that they already search for information regarding consumer purchases, meaning that after they first hear about a candidate or issue, they will conduct broad searches to gather information and then narrow down the candidates and issues until they ultimately reach a decision, said Stuart Frankel, president of Performics. With 42 percent of Americans saying the Internet will play an important role in deciding who to vote for in the 2008 election, there is a large opportunity to leverage search engine marketing and optimization as a strategy for political campaigning.

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US: New York Times and Sun to delve into political websites

As the 2008 US presidential election nears and online politics soar, newspapers are making sure they’re ready to get their online share of the pie. The New York Times (NYT) and The New York Sun both announced they were launching political websites.

In a recent memo to newsroom employees, NYT executive editor Bill Keller announced that the paper would launch a political website to ensure better coverage of the campaign.

“The migration of politics and political journalism to the web isn't quite new, but it sure is moving fast. We're moving too,” read the memo.

The NYT will establish for the first time a central political desk to supervise print and web coverage. Both platforms will “get equal emphasis.” The desk will provide breaking news continuously “for an audience that now expects its political news to arrive in full multimedia, interactive glory.”

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From the Dennis Kucinich Myspace Blog

Dennis Kucinich visits Connecticut

Posted on YouTube Today: Obama University of New Hampshire Rally

I love these campaign recaps

Posted on YouTube Today (John Edwards Health Care Town Hall)

Senator John Edwards speaks about Health Care at a Town Hall Meeting in Dubuque, IA on February 18, 2007.

Supporters Demand That Candidates Visit Their Hometowns

Eventful is a new website for finding events and demanding events. "Eventful's unique Demand service enables users to create grass-roots campaigns to "demand" events and performances in their city."(from
Supporters demanding that a Candidate visit their hometown can even encourage others by posting a "demand sticker" on their myspace profile or blog

Currently Hillary Clinton leads the pack of Politicians with 400 demands in 111 places.
Cities with the most demands for Hillary to visit
Los Angeles metro area
San Diego metro area
Seattle metro area
Phoenix metro area

Barack Obama 12 people in 7 places
John Edwards 5 people in 2 places
Dennis Kucinich 1 person in 1 place
Tom Vilsack 2 people in 1 place
Rudy Giuliani 1 person in 1 place
Mitt Romney 2 people in 2 places

Mike Huckabee Excited about 400 Myspace Friends

From the Huckabee Myspace Blog
"Keep spreading the word and telling your friends to sign up and show their support for Mike! Let's see how fast we can get to 500 and then on to 1,000!"

They have a long way to go to compete against Clinton, Obama & Edwards

Poke your president!

It used to be the most cliched topic for an opinions column, but something is now different about Facebook: It has come of age as a political force. And it seems the excitement and energy inspired by one man - Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. - has led the way.

Facebook received national attention over the weekend in a Saturday article in The Washington Post that illustrated Obama's popularity in the Facebook community. A little over a month ago, the group "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)" was created with the hope of finding one million members by May 10, 2007.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Edward's campaign desperate for media coverage

from the Edwards Campaign Blog Monday
"With Senators Clinton and Obama receiving the overwhelming majority of media coverage relating to the 2008 election, (and Anna Nicole Smith receiving all other coverage) the central question becomes how does the Edwards camp get his platform out and known by the masses."

from the Edwards Campaign Blog Tuesday
"I'm angry about the fact that they aren't giving any significant time to John Edwards, his common sense statements on the issues and plans to deal with the serious problems we as a nation face. I believe that they seek to marginalize him as a candidate because he is the only one who is addressing all of the serious issues. They know that if they gave him any fair amount of coverage, they would have to deal with issues their owners find inconvenient. They also know that the people would respond to Edwards as a candidate because he strikes a chord that resonates with our legitimate concerns."

New Obama Pictures from the Flickr Feed

From Las Vegas 2/28/07

More Photos Here

Obama's recent visit to South Carolina on YouTube

Joe Biden Campaign Announcement finally on YouTube.

The Joe Biden Campaign just uploaded the Biden Announcement Video. Too bad it's only 3 weeks late.

A Day on the Richardson Campaign Trail

The Richardson Blog is running a segment by campaign bloggers Andrea and Ian of what its like to be on the campaign trail. It makes for very interesting reading.
"While I’m in the bathroom, a loud male voice starts calling the meeting to order. It sounds like he’s there in the women’s room with me, and I jump. I look up to find a speaker in the ceiling of the bathroom. I guess those union types don’t like to miss any of the action. I rush out and station myself by the back wall."

A Day on the Trail: Part 1 Part 2

Candidates find both opportunity, minefield on Web

For candidates embracing the brave new world of online politics, the Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away.

The 2008 presidential campaign is revving up earlier than ever, and candidates are using new online tools or techniques already used by advocacy groups and non-profits. They include popular social networking sites to organize, a growing reliance on high-profile bloggers and use of widely shared video -- such as the Webcasts of Democrats Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama announcing their campaigns.

``Web campaigning is becoming highly sophisticated, a central part of any candidate's plan to win,'' said Rick White, a former Republican congressman from the Seattle area and a consultant on tech issues.

Read More Up - Down

I recently read two(link1, link2) articles that trashed the site for being on 24 Social Networking Sites.

"I get it. The Edwards campaign is really into the whole Web 2.0 thing. Message delivered. I understand the power of these networks. I do. But 24 accounts? This just strikes me as sort of ridiculous.
More importantly, I just don't think it is good strategy."(bivingsreport)

I have to completely disagree. I think its a great strategy and probably the most connected Candidate on the Internet. It's what you have to do when your the underdog. You have to pull out all the stops.

As for the criticizm that the Edwards homepage is to busy and has to much text, I can go either way. For the younger supporters who grew up visiting sites like & the Edwards site is fine. For the older crowd (like my parents or older siblings) a site like Edwards would be very confusing.

It might seem confusing or overbearing for both Todd Zeigler and Patrick Ruffini but they're also not the demographics that the Edwards campaign is targeting by being on those 24 sites. For the 18 to 25 year olds who live on these social networks its a familiar scene that they can relate to. Whether they join on all 24 networks or not, just seeing that you speak their language gives you alot of credability.

As for, I think creating your own Social Network is a huge mistake. Whats worse about preaching to the choir is locking up the choir in a house so no one can hear you. So you take 50,000 hardcore Obama fans and lock em up on a website, that's not really going to help convert others. I would rather have those 50,000 on Myspace creating the largest Obama Myspace group and inviting their friends to join. Being out on the social networking world also makes it more likely that strangers will stumble across your profile or group and join the conversation. Luckily for the Obama campaign the grassroots supporters have been building up the various profiles & groups across the networks.

Personally I think other Campaign sites(like could learn a thing or two from Edwards.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Duncan Hunter's campaign site experiencing technical issues

Weekend Blog Round Up

Team Obama posts video footage of the NYC4Obama Grassroots kick off

The Edwards Blog throws a few jabs at Hillary and Obama. link1 link2

The Kucinich Campaign launches Campaign site for Volunteers

Brownback Campaign posts Highlights from Jan.-Feb. Link

Myspace Weekend Roundup 2.18.07

Obama doubles Clinton (42,703 - 23,425)
Clinton doubles Edwards (23,425 - 11,595)

Ron Paul maintains his lead 2501
Romney, Giuliani and Romney in practically a 3 way tie for 2nd

Presidential candidates ramp up web presence dramatically

WASHINGTON — Day one for presidential campaigns used to be a hay barn in Iowa or an over-stuffed couch in New Hampshire.

But this year, even before many of the 2008 presidential hopefuls hit the trail in earnest, they are networking with high-profile bloggers and cadres of eager college students with sprawling online social networks.

These web political junkies and "netroots" activists will be the field generals for a new type of presidential campaign, and the most web-savvy candidates have tailored their campaign sites to meet the needs of the new generation.

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The MySpace Primary

WASHINGTON - The Internet has emerged as a key battleground in the nascent 2008 presidential contest, earning a place alongside hotspots like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

Call it the MySpace Primary.

Democratic and Republican candidates are pouring more resources than ever into reaching voters, organizing supporters and raising money online, transforming the way presidential campaigns are waged.

"We're entering a different era of political communication, and no one is an expert at it yet. The velocity of change is extraordinary," said Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network, a group that teaches candidates to harness the Web. "Everyone is experimenting online, because we don't know yet what will work."

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PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN 2008: Candidates weave the Web

WASHINGTON -- Call it the MySpace Primary. The Internet has emerged as a key battleground in the nascent 2008 presidential contest.

Democratic and Republican candidates are pouring more resources than ever into reaching voters, organizing supporters and raising money online, transforming the way presidential campaigns are waged.

"We're entering a different era of political communication, and no one is an expert at it yet. The velocity of change is extraordinary," said Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network, a group that teaches candidates to harness the Web. "Everyone is experimenting online, because we don't know yet what will work."

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YouTube Weekend Roundup

Mitt Romney

The Romney Campaign uploaded this weeks tv appearance ("This Week" on YouTube) discussing everything from his Faith to Iraq. Great to see the campaign utilizing YouTube but the videos have less then 10 views each. Now they just need to figure out a way to distribute the videos to their supporters(newsletter, myspace, facebook etc).

Romney Video Link

Hillary Clinton

I was very pleased to see Hillary's Campaign upload her "Roadmap Out Of Iraq" both to the official site and YouTube almost simoultaneously.

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