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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Multimedia Recap of John Edwards news

From the Edwards Blog

John's YouTube page John Edwards has a page on YouTube where he regularly adds new videos.
John Edwards at AFSCME forum: opening statements Part 1 of 2. John Edwards speaks at AFSCME forum in Carson City, Nevada, February 21, 2007
John Edwards at AFSCME forum Part 2 of 2. John Edwards answers questions from George Stephanopoulos and gives his closing remarks at AFSCME forum in Carson City, Nevada, February 21, 2007
Bill Maher interviews John Edwards on 2/16/07. As Bill Maher points out "that is a lot of straight talk from a politician." This is a very entertaining interview.
Video from Martin Luther King Day at Riverside Church John Edwards gave the annual "Realizing the Dream" sermon at Riverside Church in Harlem, NYC in January 2007.
John Edwards speech to the DNC winter meeting (excerpts)
DNC winter meeting, full speech John Edwards speaks to the DNC winter meeting candidates forum.
John Edwards on The Daily Show, part 1 John talks about his new book with host Jon Stewart.
John Edwards on The Daily Show, part 2 Edwards is put on the "seat of heat."
One Corps National Day of Energy Action The Edwards family helps another family winterize their house and John and Elizabeth speak to a conference call of One Corps captains.
Tomorrow Begins Today John Edwards makes his presidential announcement from New Orleans, December 28, 2006.
Des Moines town hall, part 1 John Edwards gives his first town hall after his presidential announcement. He discusses One Corps and the meaning of "Tomorrow begins today."
Des Moines town hall, part 2 Edwards discusses the war in Iraq, poverty, global warming, alternative energy, universal health care, and America's responsibility to the rest of the world.
Des Moines town hall, part 3 Edwards discusses plans for lifting people out of poverty, making college more accessible,
Portsmouth NH town hall, part 1
Portsmouth NH town hall, part 2
Edwards in 2004 and 2007
The New York Times compares the Edwards campaign in 2004 and his new campaign in 2007.
Edwards discusses his health care plan at a town hall in Dubuque, Iowa in February, 2007.
John and Elizabeth Edwards on Hardball (clip)
Edwards discusses universal health care Charleston, SC
Four questions for John Edwards Bloggers interview John and Elizabeth Edwards.
AFL-CIO Paul Wellstone Awards Banquet John Edwards is a guest at this union banquet.
John Edwards responds to SOTU on Scarborough John Edwards responds to the 2007 State of the Union address on Scarborough.

Diane Rehm show on NPR Edwards is interviewed by Diane Rehm. The interview includes a lot of foreign policy information.
Talk of the Nation on NPR Edwards is interviewed on Talk of the Nation. He discusses his health care policy in detail.
At Iowa Event, Edwards urges "Health Care for All"
Edwards on CNN's Situation Room February 16, 2007
Diane Rehm show
Talk of the Nation
KGO Radio February 16, 2007

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DNC Winter Meeting speech text
Paul Krugman: Edwards Gets It Right
My Trip to Uganda with IRC by John Edwards
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