The 2008 Myspace Primary
Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates
Barack Obama 61663 Ron Paul 3718
Hillary Clinton 27981 Mitt Romney 2083
John Edwards 12256 Rudy Giuliani 1379
Dennis Kucinich 2627 Tom Tancredo 1158
Bill Richardson 1403 Sam Brownback 832
Joseph Biden 622 Mike Huckabee 629
Christopher Dodd 236

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Edwards happy to not be in the news

A week ago the Edwards blog was frustrated and begging for some news coverage,(Link) but after the Hillary Obama Drama over the comments Geffen said, the Edwards Campaign is now thankful they aren't in the news.

from Edwards Blog
" John Edwards isn't receiving as much press as his opponents, but I'll bet Hillary and Obama wish their apparent feud was not in the media, everyday. The Democrats do not need divisiveness in our party. I hope we are all on the same team, here. The showing of their fangs, as we are watching the developments in the other Democratic candidates' political camps, is not helping us, but instead, their flawed, strategy is giving the Republicans more meat for their tables.
All Democrats running for any office should remember: We must defeat Republican candidates, if we are to regain a true democracy in America. If that means we have to bite the bullet and not criticize too vehemently, other Democratic candidates, then so be it. From what I have seen, Mr. Edwards is the most positive, eloquent candidate, finding it unnecessary to bash his opponents, as a means to winning the Presidency."

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